Tropical Bath and Body was created in April 2017 by Creative Director/Art Director Ben Marshall. Ben has over 20 years experience in marketing and advertising working on some of the top brands in the world. With a wife that inspires healthy eating, exercise and label reading, it didn’t take long for him to realize the questionable and dangerous ingredients not only his family, but the rest of the world came in contact with internally and externally every day. And with two teenage daughters who are constantly concerned about their skin, he was inspired to learn more about what people were doing to look and feel healthy utilizing natural ingredients. In no time, soap making became more than a hobby and the research began. He reached out to experts in the field and used the valuable information he learned along the way to perfect his product and make it marketable. is committed to developing the most natural, nourishing products for consumers who want healthier choices. In the future Tropical Bath And Body hopes to bring more options for it’s consumers to enhance their skin without damaging their bodies.

As Tropical Bath And Body gains momentum, they hope to begin donating products to homeless shelters and other charitable foundations. Because as Ben knows, small acts of kindness can help make a difference in the world.


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